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Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning Saves Your Family Money

Beck Memorial Home does its best to offer you only the services you want at prices you can afford. However, today's funeral costs continue to rise. By pre-planning, you can stop increasing prices by purchasing ahead and taking advantage of prepayment options, locking your costs at today's prices.

Today, more and more people recognize the financial and emotional advantages of planning their funeral in advance.

Last year, more than two million people planned and paid for their funerals ahead of time. Within ten years, the rate will approach five million a year. Even though it's not something people usually talk about, chances are you know people who have prearranged their funerals. Prearrangements done at a less stressful time better reflect your true feelings and desires toward a positive funeral experience for you and your loved ones.


Advanced Planning Spares Your Family Difficult Decisions

The grieving process is difficult enough without the added burden of a great number of difficult choices. When a death occurs, there are over 50 important decisions that have to be made. The decisions include merchandise, obituary information, music, flowers and type of service and location. Planning your funeral in advance relieves them of this burden. Another advantage is knowing that your prearrangement reflects your expressed wishes, instead of someone else having to guess what you might have wanted.


Advanced-Planning Makes Sense

If you were leaving in the morning for a two-week vacation, and you found a cancellation notice for your homeowner's insurance in the mail, most likely you would get a new policy in place before you left. Most people would, even though there's only a one in 80,000 chance they might lose their home to fire. Yet most of us haven't given serious consideration to making funeral plans - when the chance of dying sometime in the future is one in one. We often plan for the improbable - planning for the inevitable simply makes sense.