Frequently Asked Questions

What is funeral pre-planning or pre-arrangement?

Funeral pre-planning/pre-arrangement is a practical way of deciding and then communicating  your funeral wishes or final disposition for you or a loved one.  This can be done in the comfort of your home or at Beck Memorial Home.  


What preparations do I need to make to pre-plan or pre-arrange my or a loved one's funeral?

When you make funeral arrangements in advance you'll want to consider your final disposition, with options of burial, cremation, and even body donation to choose from.  Other consideration must be given to type of service, burial site, and person or persons to be in charge of the funeral.


What are the advantages of pre-planning?

The advantages are numerous,  and it starts with one's very own family.  The burden placed on family members or friends to make funeral arrangements during a difficult time is taxing, especially when those individuals have no knowledge of your end-of-life wishes or the funds that might be available to pay for your funeral.  Funeral pre-arranging makes sure that your wishes will be met and it keeps you in control of your funeral expenditures, while locking in today's prices.  Depending on one's age, payment plans are also available at the time of pre-arranging.


At what age should I consider pre-planning or pre-arranging my funeral?
Everyone should consider pre-planning or pre-arranging, regardless of one's age.  Nothing is guaranteed, especially the amount of days that we have on this earth.   By pre-arranging early in life, we are assured of better payment plan options and we are comforted knowing that we have prepared ourselves and our loved ones for the inevitable.


How long does it take to pre-plan or pre-arrange a funeral?
Depending on one's wishes, a funeral pre-arrangement generally takes less than 2 hours to complete.  


What happens if I pre-arrange my funeral at Beck Memorial Home and then move or relocate?

Your funeral pre-arrangement, should you decide not to come back to Bloomington, Illinois and utilize the services of Beck Memorial Home, will move with you.  Your funeral pre-arrangement that was made at Beck Memorial Home can be transferred to your funeral home of choice at your new location.  


How do I proceed with a funeral pre-arrangement at Beck Memorial Home?

You can contact Beck Memorial Home by either calling (309) 827-2325 or by emailing us in the space provided below.  An Advanced Planning Director will then contact you to determine an appropriate time and place to meet.